Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am supporter of the New England Revolution soccer team. I enjoy reading about the team whenever I get the opportunity. There are number of outstanding sites dedicated to covering the Revs, The Bent Musket, New England Soccer Today and The Drug is Football just to name three. For better or for worse each of those sites have one outstanding trait that had begun to get to me and that is an overwhelming sense of negativity. I want to be clear that I am not making a judgement about those sites, I love them all and they do a fantastic job of raising important issues about the club. I won't sit here and try to tell you that the Revolution are a perfect organization, that couldn't be further from the truth. I won't pretend that I don't get frustrated with what goes on with our team at times. The purpose of this site is to be a positive voice for the change I see going on within the organization recently. The source of that change comes from Jay Heaps who I believe was the perfect choice for our new head coach. In Heaps We Trust.

"We used to think that revolutions are the cause of change. Actually it is the other way around: change prepares the ground for revolution." ~ Eric Hoffer